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The word Sukha (pronounced soo-kah) is an ancient Sanskrit word used to describe a blissful contentment that fits & feels just right, that was made for you. Sukha Cards are designed to help you find more.

Sukha Cards contain proven ways to decrease sadness, worry, & negative thoughts & help with happy chemicals. Sukha Cards can make noticeable improvements to your level of happy chemical production, no matter where you are in your journey.

I’m Jay Lynn Quinn, a Licensed therapist with over 20 years of experience as a counselor. I’m obsessed with happy chemicals & what makes us feel happy & I wanted a way to share that with the world. Sukha (pronounced soo-kah) is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning happiness, pleasure, ease, joy & bliss. It’s an authentic happiness that is long lasting. I hope you find your own Sukha!

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Why Sukha Cards Work

Whether we’re getting our nails done, eating a delicious piece of cake, binging our favorite show, chatting with a friend, taking a bubble bath, or playing a video game; coping strategies that we use to get through the day are VALID. But not all activities that we use to cope with life have the same side effects.

Scientists have discovered which activities improve the workings of our pleasure system. While most of us spend a good bit of our day chasing small bumps of dopamine, Sukha cards have activities that when done daily, can instead produce an overall peaceful, blissful pleasure or Sukha! Stop chasing momentary pleasure and start experiencing MORE.

Understanding Our Happy Chemicals

Our four happy chemicals are dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. Together, they play a big role in determining Sukha, a pleasurable, blissful happiness that is unique for you. They impact our mood, sleep, motivation, and other bodily functions a lot. Symptoms of deficiency of these four chemicals are lack of motivation, impulsivitiy, feeling disconnected, low energy/fatigue, mood swings, loneliness, brain fog, feeling hopeless, insomnia, difficulty with focus, sadness/depression, aches and pains, inability to focus, anxiety/worry.

All 4 chemicals also impact other functions in our body. Serotonin impacts sleeping, eating and digestion; dopamine influences motor function and motivation; oxytocin helps mom’s recovery after childbirth and makes us feel those warm fuzzy love emotions; and endorphins help with pain relief and lowers anxiety.

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Several factors of life can cause happy chemicals to get out of balance or not work properly. Some common things that can impact happy chemicals are depression, anxiety, traumatic events, poor self-worth, or stress. When happy chemicals are in balance, it improves energy level, the body and brain’s ability to function optimally, attention span and focus. It also can give us a new level of clarity! Clarity can give us the ability to set and attain goals. Processing and healing trauma in counseling is even more successful when our happy chemical production is working well.

Wrapped up together, these four happy chemicals play a huge part in a happy, content, pleasurable life (your sukha). Whatever your goals are; love, success, family, connection, understanding, wisdom, joy, or peace; improved happy chemical function can help you clarify, set and attain your goals to improve your Sukha!