Coaching and Askmommajay Services Offered

With that said, let me now share with you the options I currently offer for 15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 45 minutes or 60 Minute counseling and coaching sessions. Prices for each are as follows:

  • $50 - 15 Minutes
  • $100 - 30 Minutes
  • $150 - 45 Minutes
  • $200 - 1 Hour (60 Minutes)


Let’s take some time and talk about what you’re looking for, what you have, and what you’re willing to offer. Relationships / friendships are all about negotiation and balance—let’s talk about finding that balance, self-identity in a relationship, assessing your personal boundaries, and identifying your needs as well as your partner/coworker/friend’s. 


Let’s talk about the most taboo subject—SEX! A lot of people are not currently experiencing pleasure in their sexual relationships, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s take a deeper dive and discuss sexual pleasure, hard/soft limits, exploration, sexual anatomy, and sexual intimacy. It’s time to learn and learn how to say what you want. If you’re new to a lifestyle (LGBTQIA+, polyamory, or anything else you’re interested in exploring). 


Let’s discuss what can be a completely unknown, and often scary landscape. Whether you are questioning who you are, or a loved one is questioning who they are, Momma Jay can provide a safe space and walk beside you on this journey. I’m here to guide you through coming out to your friends and family, transitioning, and navigating the community. If you’re looking for guidance on how to support your child or loved one, or just looking for a safe place to ask all the uncomfortable questions—I’m here to help!


Let’s dig deep in your career goals and educational ambitions. We can discuss reviewing your resume, talking through your promotion potential, considering going back to school, finding motivation in an unmotivating world, or exploring your personal/professional why. Other topics may include: dealing with a difficult coworker, coping with a toxic work environment, excelling at a job you love, setting goals and growth opportunities for your team, or learning to understand to different generations/ages. 

Household Management

Let’s get organized! Whether it’s setting budgets, planning a week of meals, or creating a chore chart—Momma Jay will lead the way. Sometimes the solution to an unwieldy household can be as solved by exploring perspective and/or your mindset and setting achievable goals. 

Empowerment and Self-worth

Let’s dig into the real you. Happiness may be the universal goal, but often it is difficult to determine what that means and what it can look like for YOU. You may be a novice or an expert in this journey of self-empowerment and self-worth; or just searching for deeper, more meaningful connections—Momma Jay is here to help guide and encourage you every step of the way. 

Whether it’s needing a pep talk, a hype person, identifying your own self-worth, or talking through a major life/career change…you can call Momma Jay. 


Let’s partner together to improve your overall household functioning. Parenting is a satisfying but often thankless job and it’s sometimes difficult to find the balance between yourself and your parenting self. This can often be further complicated when you’re navigating the unknown landscape of raising a LGBTQIA+, neuro divergent, or child suffering with mental health or behavioral diagnoses/symptoms/issues.

Don’t let seeking additional resources for your child such as a 504/IEP through the school, therapist/counseling, or medication management overwhelm you, Momma Jay is here to walk through the process and help determine the next steps. Other popular topics may include: finding the “me” in Mommy, I just need to say this…and someone hear me, tackling tantrums, can we all just clean up after ourselves, or when will my teenager be a human again.

We can even discuss topics like: Credit issues, Skin care, Holistic wellness, wellness & feeling good or even figuring out what you want in life. It's your time, let me help you with whatever you need help with.

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